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apkpure gameto the channel this is Greg with the cash from bringing another quick video today’s video I’m going to go over a apkpure game and application with you guys it’s called apk pure so this is the way the website looks so you just go into google and you type in apk pure and when you cannot so for example when they release uh money making applications in the united states that you can’t normally find in canada i just go to this website website and application apk pure and i go in there i search for the application if i find it most times which i do and then i’m able to use it like with the s’mores application and stuff like that so as you see right there guys this is ap apk pure you can go in here right there it says using apk pure you can download that app right there and then you have it on one of your home screens you can come in here look for almost any application basically that deals with money making applications so you come in here as you see you can look for other applications game sales stuff like that so i’m just going to jump over here i’m going to take you over to the app so you can see exactly what that looks like as well guys so that will be right here you click on this app and it’s identical to the website itself so as you see right there you look right there hot games hot apps categories and then i’ll give you an example i’ll type in forapkpure game example and it does have ads that will pop up but like very dice we cannot get in in canada for example well i’m pretty sure that it’s right here in apk pure i’ve used i’ve used it several times and there you go right there guys so there’s very dice for example it’s not in canada like i said can’t really use it so you can go right there download it right there and i’ll look for another one possibly that’s in canada that i’m trying to think of some that you might use or whatever but any pretty much any money making application that you can think of you can type it into apk pure and it normally will give you um if it’s not in the google play store it will normally pop up and then give it to you in here and then you can download it through here and then and then you have to open it the application and then give it permission from this source because it’s not recognized as a apkpure game like a trusted source like google play store but i’ve never received uh like uh i’m trying to think of the word like a bad application i’ve never downloaded something that had a virus and ever these are all like valid applications it’s just that for some reason if you can’t find them in the google play store you can always come into here you can always find them and it’s very simple and easy and to use so i just downloaded the application right to the home screen like i don’t know if swagbucks would be in here but like i’ll give you an example like swagbucks for they’re not really allowing people to use it too much anymore but like i can’t find hardly any of the applications inside the google play store anymore but look at this you type it in here for example swagbucks swagbucks answers swagbucks t watch tv entertain now sportly tv and crave we can’t get any crave in canada and crave is right there but it’s in uh or it’s in apk pure um there’s tons about these applications that you can find in here that normally you would not have in in like the google play store if you were in canada say or if you were in india or somewhere like that and all you have to do is download these and and uh several other things you could do too is like to get these applications to work say if they’re not working in your area download a vpn first of all if the app permits it depending on which app you’re going to do with but then you could download like vpn uh watermelon i believe it’s watermelon vpn it’s 100 free and you can use that and it will spam your location and then you can earn with the other apps that apparently you can’t normally earn with so i would definitely check this application though this is so i use google play store and if i can’t find any application i come into app cape here and i can normally find it fairly apkpure game quick so definitely please take a look at this check this out let me know what you think and yeah like check this out and there’s this itself is not a money making app but you can find money making apps in this application so with that being said guys i’m not going to make this video too long i hope everybody’s having a great day happy farming happy mining guys