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the seven best company communication apps number one slack slack is a predominantly chat based app team members can join or leave channels as they need to avoid receiving irrelevant messages and easily find old messages for reference down the line additionally slack enables you to share files make voice calls and host video conferences it also integrates with tools including Dropbox Google Drive or even your own company’s software you can sign up for free and prices go up to $15 per month along with per user fees number two Basecamp Basecamp enables you to interact with teammates in a variety of ways including campfire which is a real-time chat room as well as message boards for organized conversations you can save for future reference plus you can forward emails to the app and send direct messages to individuals Basecamp emphasizes the importance of client communication as well it enables you to include clients and conversations and keep them updated via several project management features including to-do lists as scheduled check-ins reports and progress charts Basecamp will also handle your project calendar and file sharing and storage needs their price is $99 per month number three zoom if you’d like to have a face-to-face conversation with your team rather than using a chatroom zoom can provide the next best thing with group video chats you can host one-on-one conversations or meetings of over a hundred people private chats or group chats enable further discussion during conferences plus zoom enables screen sharing to make presentations smooth and simple it works on a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets team members can join conferences with a phone call and you can still use screen sharing on mobile devices you could also use cloud recording to save conferences for future reference prices go from free to a hundred ninety nine dollars and fifty cents per month number four bit tricks 24 bit tricks 24 not only helps with communication but also enables tasks and team member management it includes both video conferencing and chat rooms for real-time communication as well as the ability to create work groups for specific assignments you can pull an emails to create calendar events or tasks as well it tricks 24 includes workload management time tracking and task boards for managing your team you can encourage collaboration with calendars file sharing and the ability to bring in external users such as your clients prices start from free all the way up to $1.99 per month number five same room for those managing multiple teams or working with clients who already have their own internal communication system same room provides a way to chat without forcing anyone to give up their preferred platform instead same room connects platforms so you can chat with collaborators on other systems you can also use same room to connect accounts on the same platform for example if you have a slack channel for the client project and the client also has a slack channel for the project you can connect the two channels so your team and your clients team can see messages on both channels their prices start from free all the way up to $5,000 per month number six asana though generally used as a project management tool asana can be adapted for internal communications as well it enables you to hold group and one-on-one conversations with teammates and the project boards will help you keep your team in the loop by showing which tasks have been completed you could also utilize task comments to inform teammates or ask questions about your progress on specific assignments this will help you keep your communications organized you can easily manage your notifications regarding conversations and tasks to avoid receiving irrelevant communications as you would with long email chains their prices start from free to $23.99 per month plus per user fees number 7 Reich Reich and ables you to send teammates chats that appear directly in their workspace this minimizes time spent moving back and forth between sections of the app and ensures urgent messages are seen and responded to quickly in Reich you can also add comments directly to images videos and documents to revive contextual feedback you could also see your team’s progress on projects with live activity streams project and team reporting and workflows this eliminates the need to ask what tasks have been completed and what still needs to be done if prices start from free to 2480 per user per month and there we go those are the seven best company communication apps if you enjoyed this video then be sure to give it a like and subscribe for more content with that said thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one