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a look at ten amazing educational technologies that are available to us online our first tool is going to be no hands that’s the link we’re looking for no hands see Heidi what no hand app is initially is a random student selector once you land on the no hands home screen you will see a quick intro are what the app looks like and it’s really simplicity this is what I like about no hands app is because it doesn’t take a lot of space on your screen it’s just a small tray that it can customize what it does basically wants you tap on the tray that it will select a student from your class what it enables you to do is to have your students engaged you can click on this tool and a student I random name will pop up it’s called no Haynes because basically it eliminates and need for you to see as students to raise their hands if you would like to learn how to customize this tool how to import your class name list I will be doing an in depth tutorial which I will link in the description moving on to the next tool it’s really powerful in terms of organizing your workflow it’s Google classroom once you sign in to the Google classroom and create your class you will be able to manage the workflow you’ll be able to see your students who signed quizzes assigned Symonds assign materials to collect those assignments grade them all in one place this will be a storage for a different materials for your students to access instead of having shared links everything will be stored in one place in your Google classroom is simplifying and streamlining your workflow alright moving on to our third tool which is going to be flickers Yap flickers flickers plea curse that’s the tool you’re looking for clickers calm you create a question for your audience to answer once you pose this question in the board all the audience to have is this plea KO card your students don’t have to have laptops or iPads or anything really each student half he’s at her own curricle students will show their car to skin with your phone that you’ll be able to see the data right away or you can go to score sheets can go back and see that tool does not require any technology apart from the projector and your phone and while those sales cards tool number four going to be padlet padlet is collaborative workspace for your students which enables you to create a padlet pedal is basically at wall you can choose between different designs I prefer canvas and what padlet does initially creates a wall name with new wall they could customize colors everything but for the sake of time I’m not gonna do that are you gonna start post what did you learn today once you’ve done that once you share this with the students students will start answering your question it’s a social tool they are able to see each other answers in your posts you can embed video clips you can post links as a way to engage students in sharing their thoughts in in a virtual space if you would like to learn more about how to begin with the padlet the link to the in depth tutorial will be in the description right so moving on to our next tool socrata v’ at a platform for summative or formative assessment really easy to use I’m just gonna demonstrate and after you log in as a teacher you will land on your home screen where you will be creating quizzes best part once you assign the quiz you’ve created to the students you can see the real date so once students our answer you can see on your phone or on your computer the real data help students who are not doing well or see students who are doing too quickly and we can