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CinemaHub app Android

Cinema Hub Android : watch free movies, series and tv live show hd movie streaming online CinemaHub  it’s a movie and TV show up with the unique different layout just a little bit different from the others CinemaHub Android with some green accents I’m going to do a quick review on it we’re going to check out the features we’re going to see the qualities of the links and how fast they load but before I do that let me quickly show you why you can download it from so the website is Rob’s colostrum STATCOM I leave a link down in the description so you’ll find it here just click on the logo or the text below it it’s right below simha box okay so our other apps as well that you can check out have tons of movies and TV show apps also have

live TV apps all observed sourced CinemaHub  from the official websites don’t clean and legit and before use the apps just make sure to use a VPN or a virtual private network and what that does is that it keeps you anonymous online Cinema Hub Android so you can browse the peace of mind you don’t have to worry about being spied on by the government or by the school if you are browsing from the school so it completely seals your IP address and the VPN that I use is vanish I’ll leave a link down in the description or you can just use the link in this website so vanish has been there for a couple of years now I’ve been using them for a while

they have CinemaHub  one of the best internet speeds they’re over 1300 servers across 75 locations and they’re really great customer service right now they are produced depressed you can get it at five dollars a month Cinema Hub Android so we save 59 percent it’s actually a permanent CinemaHub price drop so if you use the link down in the description or if you use the link on the website you’ll be able to get them over it’s an exclusive affiliate offer so you can

CinemaHub Android
CinemaHub Android

CinemaHub only get it through my link okay so make sure to use the links that are provided in the description or you can use the website so that being said let’s head back over to Cinna hub so I couldn’t get it to landscape mode so just have to work with it on the portrait mode so what you’ll see is aCinemaHub screenshot of a TV show or a movie it keeps changing then right below it you have more details about it you have the name you have the ratings you have the length of the movie of the show you have the year of the release then you have some synopsis there okay and below that you have some images of adding similar TV shows or movies then you have the trending note section so the interface is just pretty similar to the others just scroll to the right and see the rest of the movies another top there I will click the explore button we will see the

Cinema Hub :review-CinemaHub Android

Cinema Hub Android rest of the trending now okay so each section has an explore bottom like now the next section is action movies yeah and then they have comedies as well they have editors choice then they have sci-fi okay and right below that I don’t need we can’t see these buttons they are not clearly visible but right now we are at home then they have movies they have TV shows they have search then they have more salami trend open movies right so these are all the movies so it has a combination of both old and new titles so you

just keep scrolling to the bottom you’ll find more and more movies so I’ll just play one of them before I head over to TV shows so at the background there you have a fading image of the movie and the foreground you have again snapshots or the cover of the movie you have the big watch button there you ever try it all you have the details you have the synopsis and you clicked on the more info you’ll see more information so this gives you the genre it gives the style of the cast it gives you the companies that involved with the movie and the country and right below that you will see similar movies so I’ll just

quickly hit the watch button so really good quality there and it took about nine seconds to load the video so it doesn’t let you select links it doesn’t generate links he just takes you directly to the movie which can be an advantage because you don’t have to wait any longer to load the movie for the show so let me go back play one more I’m going to play Becky so loading time is about the same nine minutes let’s go back now to TV shows so same thing here just scroll to the bottom you’ll see more and more TV shows so I’m

going to play 13 reasons why now this layout is also similar to movies the only differences that you have episodes here because the TV shows so we click on episodes you will see seasons so this isn’t one even if we click on this drop-down button you’ll see the rest of the seasons let me go 2004 these are all the episodes in season 4 so I’ll play the latest graduation so again loading time is 9 seconds really good quality lastly let me play 100 we’ve got our episodes I’ll select seasons I’ll go to season 7 episode 3 so the loading time is pretty consistent it’s also 9 seconds I just to note


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