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Looking to build beautiful native apps with the cross-platform and powerful app development framework backed by Google.
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April 2, 2021
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Flutter app Tutorial

flutter app Looking to build beautiful native apps with the cross-platform and powerful app development framework backed by Google.

Flutter is becoming one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks to build mobile apps for both android and iOS devices. If you aspire to build your career as a flutter developer or just exploring how flutter works, this is the right app for you.

Flutter app Review

hey what’s up guys it’s the tech Wally and if you were wondering what the intro was that was me using the app called flutter if you don’t know what flutter is flutter is an app that exists for Windows 7 and above and Mac OS X 10.6 and a bar and it uses your webcam to control your media using gestures so this is my full review of the flutter app so it works like this it has three basic commands that’s all it does but it does a lot of things so it uses the webcam to recognize your and

then it will analyze the picture and then with the control so the three commands are sort of a high-five gesture to play or pause your media then there’s go next and go back there’s one tutorial um so it says that you need to be 1 to 6 feet away and it doesn’t require any movement and that’s it so it’s really easy to use there’s a extension that shows up a new task bar and windows and from there you can control everything flutter works would be following apps on Mac OS X use iTunes Spotify

QuickTime Google Chrome you know to VLC and many more on the other hand on Windows it is compatible with Groove shark Netflix and or PowerPoint Spotify VLC win am Windows Media Player and iTunes this is a startup that was created in 2010 and 2012 it won the best app on the App Store award letter also has been recently acquired by Google here you have an example of me using it on Spotify so I must say it works really really well some little errors which just doesn’t

recognize it as you can also see the footage flutter app however overall works just great I mean I just had little errors and some really false recognition that was a little annoying so when I just actually didn’t do any command and like skip three songs that was a deadline but that was really really rare so I’m really impressed with it on the bottom of the screen it always shows you what you’re doing so the either that says play pause or forward or backward as I mentioned already it also works with

YouTube for example on Chrome it works well playing pause however what I did notice that it didn’t work with skipping to the next video or going backwards even when it was in the playlist so I didn’t know what’s the error with that but maybe they’re just gonna fix that it also works on Windows Media Player music and videos both works great I mean all programs work equally well and one thing that was really awesome for me is the use of PowerPoint I think that’s really convenient start a slideshow then next slide backwards slide and stopping the slideshow it is also

really convenient that it switches through apps for example if you go to the Spotify window and click on it then it will automatically control Spotify if you go back to for example YouTube then you will control YouTube and you can also pick a preferred app overall I’m a huge fan of this program I love it it is a genius invention I was so amazed by this technology when I first saw this a couple of

days ago I can really understand that Google bought this company for the future I would love to see maybe some more apps but we already have a lot of compatible programs and maybe a little more commands like volume up and volume down that will be great I can really recommend it to any anybody if you want to download this program I will have links to it in the description down below thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please feel free to give it a thumbs up down below and to follow me on Twitter link is in the description down below also there are a lot more awesome videos that are being uploaded in the next couple of weeks so definitely subscribe to not miss any of these upcoming videos it’s your next one line

Flutter  app feature

Course Content
Introduction to Flutter
Building a small app with Flutter
Flutter Architecture
Build Widgets with Flutter
Build Layouts & Gestures with Flutter
Alert Dialogs & Images with Flutter
Drawers & Tabbars
Flutter State Management
Animation in Flutter

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Flutter app
Flutter app

Whether you’re preparing for a software examination or preparing for a job interview in flutter, dart programming or kotlin, this is the only tutorial app you’ll ever need to prepare yourself for the interview questions or examination questions. You can practice coding and programming examples on this fun programming learning app.

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