How to download and install Apk

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How to download and install Apk

download there are certain tasks and processes for just about every Android device that is the same and instead of having to repeat myself into and having to write the same thing over and over and over again I like to just create one tutorial in one video so that I can refer back and link back to that tutorial on my website and you’ll find that in a lot of my guides on Android explained comma for things like enabling developer mode and enabling USB debugging mode and even installing ADB and fastboot

tools it’s the same process for ever for just about every device the exact steps may be different for certain devices and in those cases like for me UI the process to enable developer mode is a little bit different than on other devices and I’ll update those articles to try to keep people up to date so that they’re not confused of why a certain

user interface is different than the other every now and then Google will change how one of these processes takes and in particular I noticed this yesterday whenever I did the tutorial on how to sideload and install the Google map a Google camera port on the phones instead of just linking to my older article I couldn’t because that one was for an older version of Android and things have changed since then before


all you would have to do is go into developer mode and enable the unknown sources toggle and then you could install an apk file from any application that is no longer the case anymore I don’t know if it was Oreo or pie I believe it was Oreo that changed the way Apk  can be installed from outside of the Google Play Store so today I want to show you how to manually siloed an application on the current versions of Android as I mentioned instead of having just one universal toggle to

allow you to install Apk files from outside the Play Store Google has added specific permissions for each application that you will have to manually set if you want to install an application from that particular application this is a security measure and while that can seem a bit of an issue for some I think it’s best for all as it prevents a malicious application from being installed that will then download and install another malicious application and then totally mess up your device so it doesn’t

download and install

matter if you’re downloading and installing an application from Chrome whenever you download an apk file from chrome there will be an open button there if you tap that open button you’re gonna go through this same process then I’m going to show you with the solid explorer application and then it’ll be the same for any other third-party file manager applications as well these applications each individually need to have a specific permission set to sideload or install an application from it so I’m just


gonna go ahead and open up solid explorer it’s mute my file manager of choice and I’m going to go into the download sections I as I have downloaded an apk file from a trusted source that’s another thing make sure you’re downloading applications from a trusted source like techguyscafe ,apk mirror , apk pure or xda-developers make sure these applications are from trusted sources or you could be installing a malicious

application that can mess up your device all we’re going to be doing is tapping on this and basically opening it up and that’s gonna bring us this option right here to tell you that for our security the phone is not allowed to install unknown applications from this source and from the source means from the solid explorer application now if I had to open up this APK file from Chrome I would still see this same pop up in the overall application installer app so we’re gonna do from here is

we’re going to tap the settings option and that’s going to bring us to the specific permission to allow us to install applications from this source which again in this case is solid explorer and from here we just need to tap on the toggle to toggle this feature on and then we can tap the back button to go back to our over like I said our overall application installer now that this application installer knows that solid explorer has permission to install an application it’s going to give us two options

down here at the bottom to either cancel the application install or to install it and naturally we’re just going to tap on the install button to install this application it’s going to take a couple of minutes or a couple of seconds to just install the application and then it’s going to sell us the application has been installed and then from here we can either tap on done which will take us back to either solid explorer or the home screen pretty sure it’s all I explore or we can tap on open and then then it will open up the application from the overall  installer.

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