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Celebrate the everyday with Jumia! Get ready for the biggest deals during Jumia 9th year anniversary. Your everyday delivered! Find all the essentials and more on Jumia in one click. Download the APP today.
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June 2, 2021
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JUMIA Online Shopping APP

Celebrate the everyday with Jumia! Get ready for the biggest deals during Jumia 9th year anniversary. Your everyday delivered! Find all the essentials and more on Jumia in one click. Download the APP today.

Some top items include:
What’s available at Jumia? With millions of products available, we’re confident you will find what you are looking for and more. Some top items include:
– Mobile Phones & Tablets TVs  and Home theatres
– Laptops, Desktops & accessories 
– Large & Small Appliances, Games & Consoles 
– Sporting Goods & Lifestyle products – Dumbbells, Indoor Bikes, Weight Benches 
– Fashion for All – Men, Women, Kids & Babies
– Kids & Baby Essentials – Diapers, Skincare, Toys, Craft Kits 
– Health & Beauty Products – Make up, Perfumes, Hair Care, Vitamins & More 
– Home & Living – Furniture, Decor, Bedding, Kitchen Essentials 
– Supermarket & Grocery Items – Food, Storage, Cleaning Supplies & More 


about our very own julia yeah so i’m assuming if you’re in kenya you already know what jumia is or maybe you don’t even maybe you don’t understand how it works but then you already know what jumia jumia is or jummy up or jumia kenya so first of all jumia is a marketplace that links buyers to sellers all right so first of all this is not a paid advert obviously and uh i’m not a junior agent so i’m just sharing this information out there like i’ve been doing with my other videos on aliexpress

alibaba and all that so i’m talking about our very own jumeirah kenya so first of all if you want to show up on jumia you need to download the jumeirah app and even okay even if you don’t have the joomla app just go on google and type in jumia yeah and then go to the website go to the jumia kenya website yeah i’ve been shopping jumia stick around because i’ll be talking about the various steps you need to take while shopping on jumia yeah so first of all if you don’t have the junior app you have you need to download the junior app off of google play store or whatever place so you

have download the junior app and then uh if you don’t have the if you don’t have a phone that can access an app what you need to do is to go to the junior kenya website yeah and then on the search bar look for the product you’re looking for like on the search bar type in the product you’re looking for let’s say you’re looking for phone covers type in a phone cover or just type in phone cover for this and type in the exact thing you need if you’re looking for say a hair product say you’re looking for spring twists or whatever just type in spring twists yeah so a list of items that a list of items

related to your search will appear yeah i’m just talking about julia kenya like i’ve been talking about aliexpress alibaba amazon and all those things i’ve been talking about so this is me teaching you how to shop on jumia kenya yeah so once you’ve typed in the search by the item you’re looking for say it’s um say you’re looking for a phone cover or a phone accessory or a pet accessory whatever thing you’re looking for type its name on the search bar yeah sims related to your search will

jumia online shopping kenya

appear yeah and then from that the good thing about jamaican is most of these people are local so they are very rare cases in which you can be you can be like you can be robbed the only thing i’ve seen is uh and the only thing i’ve seen is sometimes what you order like what you see online is different from what you receive so and the good thing about do i have to pay on order you can pay when they deliver like when you pick up the item from their what you call their pickup points you can pay then so that way the problem of what you order being different from what you receive is uh

is a bit capped so when you go picking your item okay we’ll get to that so once you search your item then you select the exact item that you need go to where to place your order add the item to your cart and then buy yeah and then you’ll be taken to the page where you need to enter the billing information so in that case you’ll have to enter your location see you in el dorado you’ll have to enter indoor it and then you’ll choose your preferred pickup point the exact point in every because in some towns uh and sometimes there are more than one pick a point so you choose the exact

pick-up point you want to go with you’ll enter that information and then you’ll also be asked to to enter your preferred payment method this cash pay on order or pay on delivery and then you you’ll be given once you’ve made your order and you’ve entered your billing information you’ll give it you’ll be given the pay bill number for julia kenya you’ll be given the payable number for jumia kenya and then you’ll make your payment that means your order is processing and then after.


mostly in three days normally in three days your item would have been delivered and then once your item is delivered please give a review i haven’t been talking about this as much as i should but when you order something online please just spare two seconds to give a review that way you’re helping the next person will be ordering on the same same site yeah it also gives another person inside you insight into like knowing whether to order it or not if you have a complaint please just

put it there yeah give that review there like just give the review so that the next person wants to buy the same item or the next person wants to deal with that marketplace should know yeah just the same way you use the like unlike unlike jumia other sites have been talking about other marketplaces like aliexpress Alibaba people depend on reviews because it’s not something local yeah so i’m just urging you like sort of this is not paid for like i said this is just something i’m telling you it’s important that you leave a review when you work with the vendor just leave a review so that the next person is buying that item knows what exactly they’re dealing with and give

With the Jumia Shopping APP, you get:

– Customized shopping experience with a personalized feed
– Buyer protection
– Order management: our support team will call you to update you on the status of your order
– International shopping from brands like Apple, Canon, HP, Pampers, Moulinex, L’Oreal, Samsung, Tefal and many more
– Multi-device shopping: whether on a smartphone, a tablet or even on a desktop, Jumia app will keep all the products in your cart as long as you are logged in to your account

Support you can rely on:
Operating in 11 markets in Africa, the Jumia Online Shopping Application is available in Arabic, English and French. Our customer service team is easy to reach and strives to provide you with the best support every step of the way.

We aim to provide the best customer experience; please share your feedback to help us achieve that goal.

What's new

Hello Jumia Fans!

There's a new inbox message so that you can keep the order related messages in one place.
Shipping fees are now visible on the product page, near the product information at the top.

If you like these changes, please let us know by rating and reviewing us in the Google Play Store!


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