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▶ Strategy-based real-time battle by utilizing Skill compositions!
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May 27, 2021
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king’s raid Strategy-based real-time battle by utilizing Skill compositions! Thrilling experience from dynamic real-time battle! Use diverse hero & skill compositions to defeat the enemy!

APP REVIEW king’s raid –

welcome to King’s Raina this is a new hero collector king’s raid that just recently hit the mobile store now let me give you guys a quick disclaimer hero collectors are like a dime a dozen on the mobile store there are so many that come out I do not review every single hero collector that hits the mobile store because 99% of them are pure trash so when I make a video talking about one of these games it’s because that the game has some type of something to differentiate it something that’s a little bit more unique or interesting

about it so I have enjoyed my time in King’s raid so without further any further ado let’s jump in and I’ll kind of show you what Kings raid is all about so first we have to start off with combat now this is pretty self-explanatory you have a map that you go through 3 starring stages on easy you come back you do it on normal you come back you do it on hard you know not not really breaking the mold there but let’s kind of show you what the combat is like and this is where the game kind of really got my attention so

here is my squad here I have a healer VPS mage a rogue and a paladin I would say now the artwork in the graphics are what kind of dragged me to the game to begin with so right now we’re just going to play it on a normal play here non-auto there is an auto feature so when you want to attack you press king’s raid your button and it queues up now once you have like disability right here takes 3 stars once he has three stars he will do his ability you’ll see him do it right there that’s a knockdown so if a enemy is about to do a big attack on you you can hit that to knock them down and kind of knock them out of it my rogue has some predation abilities right here damage of course I have to make sure they say a lot because this is a legit

stage here but I’ll kind of give you the rundown don’t worry yeah it’s a basic DPS attack if kind of a backstabbing has an evasion move here my mage here has a single target fireball and AoE fireball and kind of like an ultimate fireball king’s raid  as well that takes quite a bit of magic but we’ll go ahead and do it right now and there it comes raining down on the stage here at the ultimate for my paladin Oh God why is this stupid thing here I hate that thing there goes my paladin’s ultimate my robe my clerics I need you to heal off though so believe it or not yes there is an auto play feature of this game but there are certain things

that are not going to help you when you’re playing on auto play you really need to the only time you really use auto play is when you really out level the content because let me give you an example so let’s say a boss is about to do a big king’s raid powerful attack if you have already wasted your knockdown ability you’re going to eat that damage you might not be able to heal heal through it if my rogue gets aggro and I’ve already

used my evasion ability because auto plagues uses your random abilities at random there’s a lot of situations where you’re king’s raid just not going to have the right abilities up at the right time if you use an auto play so do keep that in mind yes you can use auto play to kind of replay stages that you’ve already mastered me already out level but for the most part auto play is not going to be very good on stages that are still still challenging so that is the combat there so let’s keep on rolling and I’ll show you some other dealer single target.

king's raid
king’s raid

things here so let’s go to the hero screen so we can kind of show you exactly what managing the game is all about because managing your roster it’s about half these games sometimes and if managing the game is kind of a chore you’re not going to play it I can tell you right now that this game has quite a few quality of life features so let’s go to skills at anytime I need to level up one of my skills I can press this all max button and it automatically maxes out all of my skills I don’t have to worry about it gears the same thing I can hit auto equip it automatically equips all the best gear for me also let’s go back to the

 A game with a great universe (storyline)!
Experience the breathtaking, distinctive, and endless adventure of King’s Raid PC!
Obtain and progress heroes for free during your adventure to unlock new stories!
The never-ending adventure of King’s Raid that you have never experienced in previous RPG games! king’s raid korea

 Characters with full of emotions and expressions!
Real 3D characters just like anime!
Decorate your characters with various Costumes!

What's new

[25th May Update]
1. X: The Final Chapter Update
2. New Hero (Isaiah)
3. Introducing the event dungeon for the new Hero
4. Introducing new Enchant Dungeon and the Technomagic Enchant system
5. Introducing special Costumes for celebrating the X: The Final Chapter update
6. Introducing seasonal Swimsuit Costumes



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