Magic Color by Number: Free Coloring game


Magic Color by Number is a Free to play Coloring & Drawing game. Color different beautiful pictures and have fun. It's the best anti-stress coloring book ever! Try it now and draw fantastic coloring pages with painting by numbers!
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June 2, 2021
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Magic Color by Number: Free Coloring game

Magic Color by Number is a Free to play Coloring & Drawing game. Color different beautiful pictures and have fun. It’s the best anti-stress coloring book ever! Try it now and draw fantastic coloring pages with painting by numbers!

Do you think that only professional artists can to draw? Be sure you can do that no worse with our fascinating game Magic Color by Number! Start Drawing & Coloring right now!
We have compiled a large collection of quality images in our lovely coloring book by numbers for you to play, relax and make colorful art drawings. Start coloring Animals, Flowers, Mandalas, Nature, Unicorns and other color pages.

You can create your own work of art easily with Magic Color by Number even if you can’t draw! It’s very simple coloring game because every image is divided into fields with numbers corresponding to a certain color – just paint over them!

➤ ➤ ➤Magic Color by Number Features of the game Magic Color by Number:➤ ➤ ➤

➤ a large collection of coloring pages for adults of various categories including coloring by number Mandalas, animals, floral, unicorns, nature and tons of beautiful coloring pictures.
➤ a bright color palette;
➤ zoom function so you don’t miss a single piece of the coloring picture;
➤ different types of tips to simplify the process of coloring and finding all unpainted areas;
➤ an opportunity to save and share your drawings or a timelapse of process.

Don’t doubt, create beautiful paintings & drawings and share your drawings with your friends. Realize your creativity with Magic Color by Number!

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hello and welcome to grace and life’s channel elizabeth here ready to jump in to another app for our tech Tuesday today we’re going to be looking at a happy color this app has a lot of great ratings already so you’ve got 4.8 in the app store and again I work in ios because that’s what I have so android may be a little bit different there but this app is a little bit different that I found that the way it works it has in-app purchases here to where you can unlock coloring books as well as it has

an unlock it so that you don’t get ads anymore but this one doesn’t have any sort of subscription service attached to it so something fun and new there with this one so let’s go ahead and jump into this app so we’re going to do the loading except the Magic Color by Number: Free Coloring game cookies because they are giving you personalized ads for this one and we’ll see the ads in a little bit with this but looking at this we have a lot of different choices to choose from for the type of content we have all bonus disney marvel

which we’re looking at a marvel app here soon editor’s choice interiors nature so you can join the FaceBook group to get a little bit more but this blend thing looks a little bit interesting so I’m kind of curious about that we see what we have with marble now if you notice back when we were looking at it in the app store marvel was one of the paid ones they have a couple of freebies in there but you can choose to unlock other books to do in the marvel series so each one of those are paid on

that so lots of choices as we look through all these all of them are looking pretty intricate so I’m excited to jump in and look at this so let’s go for disney we’ll hit that clickbait one with some disney and then we’ll look at one of these pieces and see how it goes I like cinderella so I think we’ll go with the cinderella one here with a little bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo now at first look I’m not seeing a whole lot of spots for the color to go but I see a lot more but as we zoom in there they are so the

blend kind of looks like what it has is a bunch of areas that aren’t necessarily designed defined not designed defined by lines right there that will come together now you also notice when you look in the bottom there you see one two three four it shows that there are two colors there I also think that kind of helped them cut down on the number of colors Magic Color by Number: Free Coloring gamethat they have in these because there are a lot you can see there are well over a hundred so I do several of these in this review and I’m going to put at the end of this number when the average amount of time it took me to do one of them the average number of colors that kind of thing so you can kind of have an idea of the amount of time it’s going to take and what you’re going to be looking at in this app here in a little bit but

this one I’m having a lot of fun kind of jumping around and trying to find the little spots I took me a little bit to find our eyes there with it but once they start looking you see that little light bulb pops up and that light bulb pops up there to allow me to watch an ad so that I can get hints so that if I’m having trouble finding a certain number anywhere you have so many hits and that’s when the ads come up the ads aren’t coming up while I’m working on this now they’ll come up when you’re switching but I’m not getting bombarded now you notice there is the bottom bar down there with

the ads that are constantly running that’s pretty normal for a free app they have to pay the bills somehow right and they’ve got some pretty good titles in here with the disney and that kind of thing and a lot of pictures to choose from and very few are like a premium like we know the marvel are but besides that not too many that are in behind a paywall so there are a lot of pictures in this one so going around looking finding all of these it took me a lot longer than I would have thought to

do this but it’s strangely addicting I’m gonna give you guys a little behind the scenes here that I spent over three hours on this app creating the footage for this and just kind of create doing different ones and seeing how long it would take how long I would it Magic Color by Number: Free Coloring game would take how many colors were in each one just doing the little research with that and I had fun the whole three hours so 137.

a lot of fun there with that now this isn’t an app if you are wanting to like go in with some with all the different brushes and that kind of thing it is somewhat like a fill app and this is great if you don’t want to be thinking about those things though Magic Color by Number: Free Coloring game because there are times where trying to figure out what colors what brushes of all of the choosing just sometimes can be a little bit much it’s like I don’t have enough brain space right now to do

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