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PlumTreeTM is a Free calendar app you can personalize from over 50 image theme packs and over 900 stunning images.
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Plum Tree
January 24, 2018
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plum tree app

Plumtrees is a Free calendar app you can personalize from over plumtree app 50 image theme packs and over 900 stunning images.

What makes this calendar app better then the others?

Plumtree us the calendar app that also helps you save money on services and purchases you make every day.

Plum trees app How?

Plumtree app wanted to showcase this app Website that I found a while back called the plum tree app and I’m gonna link it below but it’s the plum tree app calm and It is a great app to use to keep track of your legacies especially plumtree app Those of you that have really big legacies I think the best way to use this really is when you’re starting out Just because if you already have a big legacy, it’s a bit of a pain to Organize it all but I highly highly highly recommend it now here. We’re looking at my own legacy This is my not so very legacy. And as you can

plumtree app see I am down here in the Excuse me in the gray Generation which I believe is the fourth. Yeah And so it all started with these two guys right here This is a mint generation. Then we’ve got the rose. They they got really busy and Then we have here the yellow generation. Plumtree app And so this was our heir This is his daughter and her son now these three couples over here didn’t have any kids and this one did now the reason that I recommend this app is because when I was in the game I noticed that if the Sim didn’t have kids with

plumtree app
plumtree app

their partner. plumtree app Their partner doesn’t show up in the family tree, which is unacceptable because I Want all of these all these cells here dead so I really wanted to keep track of Everyone who they married Plumtree app whether they had kids or not and this app lets me do that. Not only Does it let you keep track of all your sins, but you can also keep track of certain information So I’m going to show you guys how to set up Here a very own plum tree or

legacy tree, so I’m gonna start over here into the Menu, so you should already have created an account and I’ll log out to kind of show you guys how to do that But pretty much this is the website and then on the top Right. You have an account and you go here to create an account. I already have an account. So I’m just gonna log in Alright so once you’re logged in you go to the left side here to the menu and you Would create a new tree under your tree. So we’re gonna go ahead and do that Now you have the option of

plumtree app uploading a picture which We’re gonna go ahead and just do that Alright so This is a family that I made there’s actually a video Up already if you haven’t seen it and it’s just a vampire family which they put here Create tree Alright, so this is our tree and so far we’ve only got this one Little circle thing here now If you wanted to add a person You would not do it through here right away So what you’re gonna want to do first is go over to edit

people in the tree and Then right here, you’re gonna add someone new so I’m gonna go ahead and use that same thumbnail To set up the very first Person, which will be the dad plumtree app Now is gonna be a whole crop I’m gonna be very interesting to see if I can remember their names just Kidding. It’s a Denver Kent So this is Was it single father was just a single father here. You can put anything here like a synopsis a backstory anything Then you would do his tree. I don’t know his traits off the top of my head. So please excuse me as I

quickly pick random things I Don’t know his aspiration either. I just don’t remember you would put his life state if you want You can in it all of these areas. You can put whatever you want Like you can put dog walker as a trait, you know anything you want in any of those areas So you’re not stuck with just whatever the game offers in case you have CC traits or CCS per Asians Or CC life states like if you have the witches mod and then here you can also put let’s say life stage and we can write that he is an adult and You can add

any more custom info you want so this is enough for me for now. So let’s go create person Alright so we have the first person we’re going to go ahead and add the rest of his family here and Then I will show you Why it’s better to do it this way. So actually let’s do the older the older Kent sibling Let’s crop Alright, this is Walker Walker Kent Let’s say he’s heir would was that vampire vampire heir Also don’t remember his traits it might defense

I think they were CC traits. I’m not sure He’s also a vampire I would say life stage young plumtree app now this is would come really in handy when you want to mark anyone off as dead or as being a ghost Anything like that? So he’s a young adult create a person Alright, and then last but certainly not least. We’ve got May And let’s go ahead and add her to the

plumtree app feature

bank’s make hint Let’s see, let’s just put spoiled brat Cuz you know you Can put anything you want there, and I didn’t think this part through and then I’m not gonna be keeping this tree, so it doesn’t really matter what I put here But I just want to show you guys how you would do it so Now we’ve got these three Sims she’s a she’s deep. Ok So

The Plumtree app presents Savings, Offers and Events from local businesses and establishments anywhere you happen to be! Using your current location Plumtree lists savings offers from the shops, vendors, restaurants, etc., in your vicinity.

Plumtree also enables you to “follow” your favorite shops, beauty salons, restaurants, auto repair, professional services business, etc., for exclusive savings offers.

Plumtree is a great calendar for your mobile device. You can organize your daily activities and keep track of “Plum” savings opportunities that you don’t want to miss or forget.

The elegant calendar functions just like, and integrates with your device’s default calendar.

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