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Swim through the swirling cosmos as an interstellar Starfish. Bring life to your space aquarium by dodging meteors, black holes, quasars and more.
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May 8, 2021
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Super Starfish App

Starfish Swim through the swirling cosmos as an interstellar Starfish. Bring life to your space aquarium by dodging meteors, black holes, quasars and more.

Super Starfish uses cutting-edge techniques to deliver amazing visual effects never seen before in mobile games. Be mesmerized by swirling ripples of color as your Starfish soars across the galaxy.

App review-Super Starfish App

are you looking for a simple game it’s still challenging and wonderful to look at the weight do you see what I got for you today hello everyone and welcome to another I pick my butt video today we have super starfish and immediately Starfish when I started playing this game I thought wow these graphics are pretty cool now I will say I played this game for about an hour and a loc’d a whole bunch of stuff and then went to go make this video and realize shoot I never hit the record button when you start the game off you begin

with one fish and the purpose of the game is to grab those blue stars and have like anything falling hitting yeah lasers and you will get these shells that if you get 200 of them you can unlock a volcano thing and that’ll be your access to getting a couple of the other fish it seems like once a day you will also Starfish see gems in there and those gems can be used to speed up the progress of things also unlock things and you can remove some stones on your I don’t know if you’d call it your headquarters your fun little Cove area let’s call it now every time you get more fish The Cove does expand you plant the plants

on it and the plants will grow over time and not really short they do will have to keep an eye open at future videos to see what the purpose of the plants are lucky new areas is kind of random but once you get about midway through it you’ll see a green camera and if you get that that’s kind of kind of take a picture it stores a card in your albums and

that’s kind of way to say you’re gonna see that area a little bit more frequently than you would before if you take a look at that top left-hand corner you could see my high score of 1178 and the way I achieved that was the more stars you get in a short period you’ll start to stack a combo I had that combo plus a 2 x star and I didn’t realize I was doing Starfish that good but it was like wow that’s a pretty darn good score seems like all the games nowadays are offering some type of ads watch the 30 sec and that’ll give you about 25 of

those shells to kind of speed things up now let’s take a look at the bonus game here which is done by those 200 to get in that volcano and if you see it just kind of bounces back and forth those blue circles there if we get inside there that’s gonna take us into a bonus bonus round and I’ll lock some rear fish so it looks like I just missed the less and final fish on that one there but we’ll keep on playing and see if we can get some more unlocked because I am not too certain what’s gonna happen when I get that last one wrote the game keep an eye on the clam because he will be able to get tapped and he

kind of gives you a chance of when a couple of shells you have to pick between the three my first started playing I hit the max on my first three of them which was awesome it really helped me speed up the game now after you pick the first one you can watch once again a short video and then you’ll have a chance between the other two so it’s kind of a quick way to speed up the progress of the game unfortunately though every time I try it I can not get this last fish it’s driving me crazy let’s show you a couple of the different fish

Super Starfish App
Super Starfish App

here now the gameplay for each one I first seemed to think that each one did a little bit different it kind of felt that way but after playing some more I think it’s just more of a visual thing still though it’s kind of cool having different ones to choose from I really enjoyed it and I think I like the rare one I’ve got best which you’ll see here in a second

he’s pretty cool there’s something about his tail that just keeps me wanting to pick him every time so when you get enough fish they start filling up kind of this fish constellation there’s a couple of different ones I don’t have them all locked so I could see but I’m really curious to see what happens when you fill one up you get a special fish is there some sort of prize that you get I’m guessing I just have to play this game to kind of figure out more

but overall there’s a bunch of cards for the areas that you unlocked you get one for your best score and other than that try the game out now if you’re enjoying this video once again hit that like button and if you want to see more like this hit that subscribe button well if I had to give this a ring on my I pick my but scale I probably say this is definitely a full four fingers for this one too so check me out on patron and check me out on my Twitter I’ll probably be getting a Facebook page soon if you want to leave comments on there but once again as always thanks for watching the video and remember I pick my

• Simple, intuitive gameplay for everyone. Try it now!
• Explore the cosmos and discover mesmerizing new zones!
• Master your swimming style and score huge combos!
• Customize and grow your very own aquarium in space!
• Over 30 colorful Starfish to collect and add to your aquarium. Can you find a super rare Starfish?
• Compete with your friends and share your discoveries!

What's new

New Minigame!
A brand new minigame has arrived! Earn the Spidartto Fungle for free from our limited in-game event before it becomes a rare item!

Event Duration: 6th May - 13th May.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue with Spidartto not being awarded when purchased sometimes.